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Things You Need To Know About Besakih Temple - Mother Temple Bali

 The Temple Complex is Spacious and Equipped with Tall Towers

 The majority of the population on the island of Bali is Hindu.  Therefore, many temples are scattered as places of worship, including the Karangasem area which also has the largest temple in Bali, namely Pura Besakih.

One of the landmarks of the island of Bali, it is known as the mother of temples in Indonesia and the most important temple in the entire Island of the Gods.  This holy place is believed to be the beginning of the spread of Hindu Dharma teachings.

 Besakih Bali Temple is located not far from Mount Agung, approximately 700 meters.  When visiting this temple, you will be treated to a beautiful view with the landscape of Mount Agung. No wonder many tourists take the time to come to Besakih Temple.

Besakih Temple consists of 23 temples, including Basukian Temple and Penataran Agung Temple.  The temple in this complex is built in six levels, which has a view like a terrace in the rice fields. Usually visitors will spend approximately 40-60 minutes.  However, when there is a big ceremony, Besakih Temple is usually closed to the public. every year there are at least 70 festivals held in the Besakih complex.  Such as religious events or Odalan celebrations during the first month.

The distance from the entrance ticket counter to the temple is quite far.  No need to worry because visitors will be escorted by a guide using a motorbike.  When traveling by motorbike, don't forget to take pictures where the view of Mount Agung looks so clean and beautiful.

 Arriving in front of the temple, visitors will be visited by children who offer offerings to be burned in a temple as part of a prayer. You can't enter all the temples, so make sure you always listen to the explanations of the guide who escorts you.  After arriving at the very top of the temple area, you will find several souvenir shops.  Besides being able to buy beautiful souvenirs in this place, you should also be able to take exotic pictures from the top of the temple.

The best time to visit Besakih Temple is in the morning to catch the sunrise.  You can also enjoy the cool air at the same time from a height of 1000 meters above sea level (mdpl).

Location of Besakih Temple

 Besakih Temple is located in Besakih Village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency, Bali.  Not far from the Kasna Flower Field.

Route to Besakih Temple

 In addition to public transportation, you can also rent a private vehicle to get to this place.  Because the distance here is quite far and takes approximately 2 hours.  

The best way to Visit:

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